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Release: Phillips Calls for Censure of President

Republicans and Democrats in Congress must come together for the good of our nation and issue a formal censure of President Trump. His behavior, culminating with his recent actions in Helsinki, threaten our shared values, international alliances, and national security.

Video: “We’re building a community.”

While most candidates spend their time courting those who write the biggest checks, I’m grateful to my amazing community of supporters who invest $5, $10 or $25. That’s how I met Norbert. After he contributed to the campaign, I visited him to thank him for his support.

Release: Dean Phillips Announces $0 Raised from PACs and Special Interests

Dean Phillips announced having raised more than $2.2 million in this election cycle, all from individuals. Dean is the only congressional candidate in the country who refuses to take money from PACs, special interests, federal lobbyists, or members of Congress.

Release: Dean Phillips Statement on Paulsen TV Ad

Erik Paulsen has taken more special-interest money than nearly any other member of Congress, and that buys him nice TV ads. His latest ad misrepresents the positions he’s taken on environmental protection. To understand why, just follow the money.


I refuse to accept money from PACs, special interest groups or federal lobbyists, and will make campaign finance reform a top priority.


All Americans should have high-quality, affordable healthcare — regardless of their age, condition or ability to pay. I won’t rest until they do.


Our children deserve world-class public education, and school districts and teachers need the resources, strategy and support to provide it.


Climate change is an environmental, economic and national security threat that must be addressed head-on, and the U.S. should be a leader — not a follower.


Thoughts and prayers may offer comfort but they don’t save lives. Courage and action can save lives — and that requires new representation.


Women deserve equal pay for equal work, sensible paid leave policies, access to comprehensive healthcare, and reproductive freedom.

Representation begins with listening. What's on your mind?

Representation begins with listening. What's on your mind?

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