Campaign Finance Reform

I believe the corrupting influence of money in politics is at the root of the dysfunction in Congress. I refuse to accept money from PACs, special interest groups or federal lobbyists, and will make reform a top priority.
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Health Care For All

I believe all Americans deserve high quality healthcare, regardless of age, geography, condition or ability to pay. I will work towards that objective and advocate for improving the delivery of care while reducing costs.

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A Stronger Economy

As an entrepreneur, I know the best way to grow our economy is to increase demand, which happens when middle class families have money to spend. I’ll focus on creating jobs, growing wages and supporting small businesses.
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Responsible. Inclusive. Independent.

Dean Phillips is an independent-minded Democrat running for Congress in Minnesota’s 3rd district. Join Dean’s team today!​

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The Dean Machine

One of the great challenges facing our country is growing partisanship and a lack of conversation. That’s why I’m driving my 1960 International Harvester ​campaign truck​​ all around the district to meet people and listen to your thoughts, concerns, ideas and dreams. These conversations have made running for Congress the most joyful journey of my entire life.

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