Former Erik Paulsen Voters for Dean

The #DeanTeam is made up of Democrats, independents and Republicans – including many people who have voted for Erik Paulsen in the past, but are voting for Dean Phillips this November. Below are just a few of the reasons why. in their own words. If you’ve had enough of the culture of corruption in Washington, and you want a Representative who will listen to you, then we hope you’ll join us, too. Everyone’s invited!

Sarah voted for Erik Paulsen before, but is appalled by his record on gun violence.

Gun violence is reaching terrifying levels in America, and Congressman Paulsen and other NRA-sponsored politicians are making it nearly impossible to enact common sense gun violence prevention measures that both protect Second Amendment Rights and promote the safety of our children and our communities — and Sarah’s had enough!

Tim has seen Erik Paulsen become more and more extreme in his voting, and isn’t buying it any more.

Minnesota’s Third District prides itself in common sense thinking and moderation in politics. Tim values this trait, something that Dean applauds in our previous Representatives like Jim Ramstad and Bill Frenzel. But Dean — like Tim — is appalled by our current Congressman’s extreme voting record.

Dallas is tired of the lip service from politicians like Congressman Paulsen and wants genuine conversation that leads to action.

Dallas is as Third District as you can get, having lived here his entire life. So he has been able to see the stark difference between Erik Paulsen’s quotes, and Erik Paulsen’s votes. He’s excited to help elect Dean to bring frank, responsive representation back to the Third District.

Are you a former Erik Paulsen supporter?