“I grew up in a Minnesota that placed principles above parties and the common interest above special interests. The corrupting influence of money in politics has created a dysfunctional Congress and disenfranchised millions of Americans whose voices are all but ignored in Washington. That’s why I refuse money from PACs, special interests, federal lobbyists, and even from members of Congress. My principles will not be bought and cannot be sold.”

– Dean Phillips, Candidate for Congress


In order to put people before special interests or party leaders, and bring responsible, inclusive and independent-minded leadership back to our district, we agree to:

1. Reject and return all special interest contributions – including from PACs, federal lobbyists and members of Congress – and refrain from self-financing our campaigns.

2. Sign the People’s Pledge, which will help eliminate special interest spending by agreeing to match dollar-for-dollar that spending on our behalf with a contribution to the charity of our choosing.

3. Commit to running an accessible campaign, including a minimum of twice monthly forums or other public events between now and Election Day.

Once signed by both candidates, this agreement remains in place through November 6th, 2018.